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(1) (this is a very very rare question) I got my name-the-product and I just don't think it's good enough. I looked with a microscope and I think there are some flawed areas and I don't think you are nearly as good as you think you are. You're no Michelangelo, you know that! So whaddya gonna do about it?

Customer dissatisfaction, however rare, results in an instant refund, assuming you have a receipt or the record of the sale is in my shopping cart. That means that you will also delete my product from your files and remove it from any derivative work in which you have used it. I also provide refunds for people who order products in error because they do not have the correct programs required to use the files.

(2) (this is a an occasional question) I just downloaded my zipfile and I can't see my files or there's something missing/corrupted/wrong, what are you going to do?

There are many factors which might result in a what you are describing, but until I get the answers to some standard troubleshooting questions I would have to guess.

A missing file can generally be supplied quickly if that is the problem.

Files you can't see are another matter. There would be many potential reasons for a zipfile to become corrupted during transmission and that's not so easy to figure out. Remember that I can not see what you can see and a screenshot of any error messages really helps shorten the guesswork.

But . . .sometimes things permanently remain a mystery to everybody because there are so many unknown variables. It may be that you experienced some kind of random bandwidth bottleneck due to a server or network slowdown that resulted in an incomplete download or file corruption. It may be that your own computer has resource issues or hiccupped. It may be that you have a slow internet connection and you must try to download again or even many times. It may be that your email server doesn't like Zencart. Sometimes, for the sake of everybody's time, I give up complex analysis and start fresh by repackaging the entire product.

I will do whatever I need to do to make sure you get a perfect copy of the product you have ordered. Please be patient with this process and you will soon have what you need because I personally stand behind every pixel on this website and if I can't provide what you paid for I would happily provide you with a full refund.

(3) (I get this all the time) My hard drive crashed and I lost all the graphics I bought from you and I'm devastated. I did not keep a back up copy. Is there any way I can get another download of past orders! Help me please!

You bet! As long as there is breath in my body I will reset your downloads. I'll be back in a flash and let you know when I've done it. It's always useful to keep a backup of your orders, but with the magic of pixie dust and the help of my Zencart and your name and/or email address and maybe even the order information (that wouldn't hurt) I can reset the downloads. Of course, we don't know how soon that may happen, so perhaps you should, after all, make a back up copy of those files.

Please note that product downloads from the Zencart account page are set to deliver 5 downloads in 7 days. After those limits are exceeded, the downloads have to be reset by me, which I am more than happy to do.

(4) What graphics programs do you recommend for using your products?

To make use of my products, you definitely need a graphics program which can read and manipulate png and psd file format and which has layers capabilities. That would include Paint Shop Pro 5.5+, Adobe Photoshop, or Corel Painter. There are other programs which might have those features, but I don't use them & don't have them or use them and can't vouch for them. So if you have other programs you would have to consult with your own program manual to verify if it will recognize png and psd file form and if it has layer capabilities. It would be your responsibility to know that before you buy the products here. Please do verify whether you have the graphics products needed to read and manipulate the files in each products. There is a readme file linked/attached to every product description (right underneath the product promo paragraph) which lists the file format for each file in the product. You can consult that before buying the product and thereby know whether you would be able to use the product. If you make a mistake and end up buying a product which you can not use because you do not have a graphics program which will open the files, I will happily grant you a refund. But I don't want you to be disappointed. So please do read that Readme file and make sure you are buying something you can use.

(5) I love your (name the product), but I was hoping to find that (name the individual element) in another (name the color/shape,configuration) for my (name the individual need). Can you send me the original layers for that? Or can you just make a little change in the (name the parameter) and send it to me?

No, I can't do that. Not because I don't want to satisfy you. I live to satisfy people, if it is humanly possible. In this case, I'm devastated, because it actually isn't possible to accomodate you in this this time/space continuum. At least as long as I am unable to clone myself.

Each product is provided on an "as is" basis. Naturally anything that is missing or corrupted from a product file will be replaced quickly (see #1 above). But no individual elements can be supplied separately. I will not break products down into individual elements for sale. I cannot provide the layered working files in which a design element is broken down. Backgrounds and compositions are provided only as merged images and unless specified in the product description, are not available in layers with each compositional element on seperate psd layers. No customization is provided for individual design elements in a product package.

I don't want anybody to be disappointed in their purchases, but if you don't think that the product description and file list and specifications answer your needs, it's best not to buy the product because the time and energy which would enable me to tailor the product to individual needs simply does not exist.

Be sure and read the README which is attached of each product descriptions in the store and provides the file format and sizes for each design element in each package.

(6) After I order, how do I get my products?

Your download information should arrive very quickly, sent automatically by the shopping cart system. It should come in the form of an order acknowledgment with a link back to your store account page, where you should find a download link for the merchandise. Normally, there is a PayPal redirect immediately after payment which goes directly to your account page. You can also simply go directly to the store, log in, click on the "My Account" button (in the far right of the top navigation bar) and go to your account page to check for download links that way.But . . .if the notification doesn't arrive quickly or the download links do not ppear on your account page, it would mean something is awry or the email or my server or with the shopping cart system. In that case, contact me right away and I'll expedite the delivery personally.

Please note: on rare occasions (like 1% of the time) customers do not receive their email notifications because they have transferred funds from a checking account into PayPal to cover the purchase but the check has not yet cleared their bank. PayPal considers these transactions "pending" until the check clears and the download link will not appear in the account until the PayPal removes the "pending" hold. Also, occasionally, customers have a restrictive spam filter which rejects the noticification emails containing the download links. These are situations beyond my control, but I'm happy to look into the reasons why the download links did not arrive in a timely manner.

(7) What are the Terms of Use for your products?

Jaguarwoman's general statement of Terms of Use can be found on my Terms of Use page and also in the readme.txt which is included in the zipfile for each product. Additional background explanation for my stance on redistribution of my work can be found here.

(8) I have a poor internet connection and it takes a long time for me to download your files. Could you just break down your zipfiles into individual images and send them as single attachments to emails to make it easier for me to receive them?

No. This is not because I don't want to give you what you want, it is due to the realistic limitations of the time/space continuum. There's just one woman here, managing a very busy website and creating products and it's not done with pixie dust. Sorry, don't mean to disappoint, but I live within the bounds of reality and it's not possible for me to meet your request.

(9) What kind of graphics program do I need to use your graphics?

You need a graphics program which will recognize psd, png, and jpg file formats, preserve background transparency, and which has "layers" capabilities. That would be Paint Shop Pro 5.5+, PhotoShop, and Corel Painter. There are other programs that will get the job done but these are what I use and will personally vouch for. If you want to use other programs to manipulate my graphics, the best thing you can do is simply read the manual for those programs and see what file format they support, because if I don't use those programs, I wouldn't be able to answer questions about them.

(10) Can you tell me how do you do . . . everything?

No, I'm sorry, I can't. Remember those bounds of time and space I mentioned above? It's just not humanly possible to convey everything in an email. What I do represents about 8 years of brain sweat, and tears negotiating thousands of learning curves, creating hundreds of pages, mastering thousands of tiny skills that cannot be communicated in an email. But the bottom line is . . .I don't know much. Really. I am always flying by the seat of my pants and a lot of what I do is a happy accident and I'm not really an expert artist or Photoshop user and I honestly don't always know how to explain what I do because I'm ignorant but intuitive.

(11) What kind of webpage editor do you use?

For years, I hand coded everything using Web Page Creator. Then I became a Microsoft FrontPage convert. Now I'm enthusiastic for Dreamweaver. But in webdesign, there is no substitute for knowing html. Once you know enough to troubleshoot html, it is very convenient to use a good WYSIWYG editor like FrontPage or DreamWeaver.

(12) I have to teach a class in beginning webdesign next week, so can you give me some quick tips on how to make wonderful webgraphics like you have on your site and how I can get this kind of training?

Everything I do is largely intuitive and I'm a technical dunce. I can't stress my ignorance enough. Please don't ask me too much for help, it's dangerous.

I also have no training in computers or art of any kind. I am a 66 year-old-woman who has already exhausted several other careers (among them teaching history and 10 years of private practice as a therapist) and wanted to find a new way to make a living. After washing out of AOL's digital bootcamp in tears because I was too stupid to pick up the technology and too stubborn to conform to the corporate group-think, I picked up a book entitled "Learn How to Write HTML in a Week". I followed the instructions and did a lesson every day for a week and produced my first horrifyingly bad webpage at the end of the week. I created a website called "The Authoritative Matchmaker" and became an Internet Dating Expert for several years and even appeared on the front page of U.S.A. Today. But then . . . I lost interest in matchmaking after a few years as my interest in digital design grew.

I never had any artistic training. Nobody ever commented that I was so talented, I could become an artist. I never took a class of any kind in computer skills. I just had burning desire to play with this stuff, and through endless trial and error and in the face of grave discouragements, I developed a bit of how-to knowledge. For about 8 years I have turned most of my effort to digital painting.


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