Conditions of Use


Dana Sitarzewski aka Jaguarwoman is the author and copyright holder of the images in this product package and retains copyright and ownership of the images included in this zipfile, and your license gives you the right to use the images under specific circumstances. You may use this images to create your own derivative designs for projects for personal or commercial sale, with no restirctions other than these: (1) you may not resell the original files, as is. (2) you may not redistribute the products in filesharing groups. (3) you may not resave them, as PSP tubes and redistribute them for sale or for free in filesharing groups, (4) this license is non-transferrable. If you have any questions, contact Dana Sitarzewski at

Specific Examples and Provisos:


All my products may be used for personal scrapbooking kits ONLY and are licensed to a single licensee and the elements may not be redistributed or given away in filesharing groups offline or online.

"Personal Use" shall be understood to mean that the only the buyer may use the product for only for their personal use or within their family.  It means that the buyer may not sell or give the product away to someone else for their personal use, as some scrapbooker designers inexplicably understand the term "personal use" to mean.

As of September 11, 2009, Jaguarwoman design resources purchased in my store may not be used, in whole or in part, in any scrapbooking kit for commercial sale unless the individual holds my extended license for commercial use. This extended license is not automatically granted, and is provided on an individual, discretionary basis solely on my judgement. I evaluate for each license based on my personal conviction that the licensee understands the terms "no resale" and "derivative design" in the same sense I do. Only I, Dana Sitarzewski, aka Jaguarwoman, or my designated licensees or agents, can produce kits for sale based on my own design resources. Otherwise, no image resources sold in my store may be included in scrapkits or commercial scrapbooking products for sale or to be given away online. 


Buyers may create unique derivative products with my products and sell them in at Second Life but these must be genuinely derivative product which employ the original Jaguarwoman product but create a uniquely new product from the design resources.

For the original Jaguarwoman products, I have an exclusive agent within Second Life, TRU, who is solely empowered to reformat and sell my products within Second Life. No one other than this produce (Liz Gallagher, of TRU) is legally permitted to sell or redistribute my textures or digital products within the Second Life environment.


Buyers are not permitted to upload Jaguarwoman files or products, as is, to create products on a mass basis online. You may, however, create a unique design of your own derivative design, using my products (like a collage background) and upload that as your own product. Just adding words to my own products is pretty borderline, so think about the ethics of this situation and try to use design resources to really design something of your own, eh?


You may not use this product to mass produce any product for sale as a print product (as in stamped or printed graphics for publication) beyond a certain number of impressions without an extended license. The sale of any digital product created as a derivative of any or all images in this archive is limited to 100 copies, unless prior permission is granted via extended license.


You may use my products to create derivative designs which may be sold in the form of downloadable printable sheets or pattern sheets (in jpg format). But you may not use my images "as is" to simply provide the original images in jpg format in decoupage sheets, without your own design input. If you want to take my work, as is, and simply translate it, without any design input of your own, into a jpg decoupage sheet to be downloaded from your website as a printable decoupage product, you will need to purchase an extended license, at a price to be negotiated with me. Usually I multiply the standing price by 2 or 3. This is in keeping with the kind of price structure which I myself pay when I pay for an "extended commercial license" for Vector images or photos for specific commercial use. It is not an unusual practice, but common usage to protect the original artist's interests. If you are interested in an extended fee for the "as is" use of my work for a decoupage kit, contact me directly at

Regarding new usages which may arise in the future or usages I may have overlooked . . . I reserve the right to interpret the basic license in the future in a way that protects my copyright and position as the author of my own work appropriately, so that customers may use products for derivative design but not resell the products in a way that damages my position as the originator of the original works.

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