Here are some photos which show our front and back yard and some of the loving,
hard work we have put into the house this year. Of cours . . .the dogs too.

This is our back deck which Robert built and which we repainted this summer. I
can't say how much I love to sit out here every afternoon, with my dogs and a
good book. This was shot on a misty, drizzy September afternoon. Look how
my ivy has developed to create a kind of "bower" effect on the deck!


Here's a view of the deck right outside my kitchen window. I love the way the trellis &
ivy screen us from the neighbors. I LOVE my privacy and the way our fence goes
completely around the property.

The dogs love the yard, too. Here you can see the flagstone patio which
connects to the walk that goes around to the front yard. This is one of the
big improvements we added this year and helped me deal with Dog Mud.


Curving around toward our side-yard gate . . . . my Morning Glories. Slow to develop this year,
but finally they got going when things warmed up.



The front deck we built, and we painted it green, matching our new green door. I
still haven't finished painting that bottom skirt on the deck, but maybe I'll
get around to it. Notice dogs in the window? That's where they always sit.

I see that I still have trim to paint around the window, damn!

The view out my front door and a good picture of my new door, which I LOVE.
I also painted the door, a really hard job, believe it! This deck feels so good to my bare feet.


Here, we are building a small berm so I can add a very red Japanese Maple. I
should say "Robert is building the berm" because he's the dirtmover around here.

This is what I see outside my living room window. This is where the little dogs always sit all day.



Xena, in the backyard, inder the cherry tree, our garden space is behind the little fence.
Our little bird bath, our handy plastic bag dispenser for you know what, my Dahlias,
our squirrel feeder, our tomatoes upside down, our composter. Very exciting.






My littlest baby, Lily


Our cherry tree, new grapevines, gardenshed.

I spent a deliriously happy summer working on and enjoying this yard.