Jaguarwoman's "Apricot Spice" Peyote Cuff

SOLD!  This bracelet is done in freeform Peyote stitch so there's no way to replicate it.  But I am creating an new line of bracelets in this style, so within the next week there will be other designs and hue palettes with this type of beading.

Please Note:  This is a physical product.

"Apricot Spice" is a wide freeform Peyote stitched cuff in apricot, coral, deep paprika, gold, and Padparadscha hues.  It is dimensional and irregular but has a nice slinky glide on the wrist.  It is embellished with Padpradscha-hued Swarovski bicone crystals.  It is 7 inches in length and averages 1 1/2 inches in width.  There is some room to adjust for custom sizing.

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Jaguarwoman's "Apricot Spice" Peyote Cuff
Jaguarwoman's "Apricot Spice" Peyote Cuff


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