Jaguarwoman's "Industrial Strength Alphabet, N-Z"

A post-apocalyptic decorative alphabet, each letter unique, but each is similarly covered in cruddy, chemically corroded and rustified dreck!  Due to large file size, this alphabet has been split into 2 parts and this product includes 13 embellished letters (N-Z) .  Letters A-M are sold separately. Letters are approximately 1,000 pixels in height and are provided in individual psd files, without drop shadow, on a transparent background, 300 dpi.  The lower case letters are  unembellished letters and sold are also sold separately in case you want to only use an unembellished version and add your own embelishment.  Backgrounds in promos are not included.

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Jaguarwoman's "Industrial Strength Alphabet, N-Z"
Jaguarwoman's "Industrial Strength Alphabet, N-Z"


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Kat Ruiz of Fly Girl Media