Raspberry Story

Along with the grapes, our raspberry vines are fruiting for the first time. Apparently vines do
not mature in the first year and after a wait, we now have luscious raspberries.


I walked outside this morning and picked the newly ripened raspberries from the vines
and ate them . . .they were sharp and sweet and juicy!!!!! I'm a RICH WOMAN!!!!!
My own raspberries!!!!! Gotta plant more, 4 vines will not be enough for my raspberry addiction!!!!


The raspberries are like tiny jewels peeping out from the deep green leaves. Real jewels couldn't be better to me.




There are few pleasure to rival this. And this is coming from a dedicated hedonist who seeks tiny exquisite pleasures all day, every day.


And I haven't even begun to paint my grapes and cherries. See? I really know how to squeeze
the last molecule of pleasure from every day.