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I do high resolution, digitally-painted, custom pet portraiture from photographic references, placing your pet into the setting of your choice. If you don't know what your choice is, I can help you there too. I can think of a great setting.

These custom pet portraits can be provided in a variety of digital formats. Firstly, I provide the digital files in the original lossless psd files that you can translate into many useful versions of your pet portrait, from large portrait portraits on canvas or paper, imprinted on coffe cups, t-shirts, mousepads, business cards, webdesigns, or brochures . . .and much more.

Because the original work is in a high resolution form, it can also be printed on high quality photo paper on a home printer and framed.
The files can also be enlarged without any distortion and printed on canvas on a large format printer and framed as a genuine portrait.

I have several of my own digital paintings hanging in my home and, depending on the printer, the quality of the digital art looks exactly like real portrait. I've had a lot of my own digital work printed in gallery-wrap canvas by with no loss of clarity.

The portrait to the right is my
13 year old female German Shepherd Mix, Xena, who has been at my side 24 hours a day since she was 6 weeks old. I tried to capture her soulful gaze. This is actually how she looks at me, what I see when we are face to face.


This is an example of a "head portrait" of Sophie, a beautifully expressive Shi Tzu, who I painted using multiple photo references that were supplied by the client, set on a simple portrait background.

To the client, I supply the dog portrait with transparent background, in png and psd file formats, in a large pixel size, 300 dpi. This allows the clients to place that image on any background for a variety of printing uses.

I try my darndest to capture the essence of the dog's personality. This takes a bit of time to elicit from the client and draw out of the photos. But the point of a pet portrait is that when the client looks at the portrait of their beloved companion . . .they should be able to feel that friend looking back at them. "Feeling" the animal is the essence of the portrait.
I want the dog's persona to emerge from the background and emotionally move the viewer. Otherwise . . .what is the point?

That is my goal in doing pet portraiture.

In the case of Sophie's "bust", I wanted to capture her liquid eyes as if they were looking at their beloved master in a typical stance, the upturned face . . . the wet little snout, the soft "mopsy" quality of her fur, even her breed-specific muzzle stains.

Sophie example



I can do custom digital painting in a range of commission fees, depending upon my estimate of time: head shots or full body portraits, at rest or in motion, in natural settings or in fantasy settings.
It depends on the needs of the client, the reference photos provided, and of course . . .the animal and the photo references provided by the client.

Fees are based on my time as indicated by the individual needs of the client. I write a contract for each project which requires a 50% deposit, with the balance due upon completion.

The portrait to the right is "Corky", a small rugged Pomeranian owned by one of my favorite dog trainers - a dog I've seen in action many times in the field. This is Corky as I knew her in physical reality on our off leash walks in the countryside and also as interpreted from a few photographs of different stances.

If you are interested in custom pet portraiture and would like an estimate, please contact Jaguarwoman.


This is a horse portrait/business logo for an equestrian veterinary service, which I painted many years ago . . .one of the first animal painting commissions I ever did.

othing speaks for your business like custom artwork that can appeal directly to the highest aspirations of your customers.




Yes, I do cat portraits.

I love to try and capture not only the unique markings of each animal, but something about their character, something that can be captured by an habitual stance or attitude that I can discover through the photos or in conversation with the human companion of the animal.



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