Screenshots of Anagord/Lady Gordana's Gallery of "Work" by Jaguarwoman, LOL:

Note the signature on the image: "Design by Lady Anagord"

This is the exact promo image that appears in my store promo for
"Wedding Decor I". She's not selling it, she's just saying "design by . . ."
Is this weird or what? The entire portfolio here is promo image after
promo image from my previous store at Renderosity and my own
store at, similarly claimed by Lady Anagord.

I wonder what this means in light of Lady Anagord's products at Renderosity?

Anagord has named this image in her gallery "Scrollerie", but it is
the Renderosity promo from the product I previously had in the
Renderosity store, "La Bellw Scrollerie" (see below)

Below is the promo image which Anagord right clicked from the Renderosity
page of my product "La Belle Scrollerie" also, which she has renamed
"Royal Background" for her Photo Gallery representing her work in her blog

Anagord/Lady Gordana also had a gallery at on, which she deleted
very quickly when I contacted her, before I was able to collect screenshots. The
images in the gallery included many promo shots from my store and in the
description of her images she commented that she had painted them digitally
and called them "her beautiful creations". Is this weird or what . . .this strange
combination of copying with the using of my actual promo images as portfolio images?

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