Iris Garden!


My Bearded Iris bloomed this week. I've been growing this patch of Bearded Iris for about 3 seasons,
and this is the best proliferation I've had yet. They are really tall (about 3 1/2 feet), dense, and have
a TON of blooms. But even the buds are just stunning. This deep blue iris color is one of my
favorite hues, but I'm so thrilled I'm going to plant 2 new beds of Bearded Iris this Fall, with
some new color varieties. Look at the color of these!!!!

This was shot in the early evening with a Sony digital camera using the "closeup" setting for
high detail in small objects. That's one of my "red" trees in the background. I'm really fond of
my red and purple trees because they show up so well against my green fence.


A slightly different hue. I really love the deep shades best but this is really pretty too.

This is a more distant shot of the entire bed where my Bearded Irises are . . .
believe me, I'm going to triple the number of iris bulbs next year. What's great about
Irises is that they proliferate really well and come back stronger and stronger every year.

I LOVE the way this bloom is unfolding. The fresh green and the deep blue iris colors and
delicate papery quality of the membranes, semi-transparent. They are SCRUMPTIOUS!



These are all the same flowers, just shot in a different light. They have such character.


Closeup of a bud. Is this heavenly? Look at that green shading into the blue iris color.
Sorry I'm not a better photographer, but . . .stand by, I'm very persevering. I'm counting
on living long enough to become a better gardener, better photographer, better digital painter.
And of course, a better dogmother.