This is a series of photos I took of the new flagstone walkway and "surround" for our front and back decks
which we had laid in the fall. The contractor also included some hardscape for our front drive way and
entryway which I haven't photographed yet. I had put 1 coat of stain on the deck but hadn't yet
completed the second coat, which I will do as soon as the rain lets up in the early summer, so it's muddy
and ugly right now, from the construction and dog pawsm ugh! Also, we now have our new door
and door frame with the 3/4 glass inset, which looks fabulous. So don't let the look of that ugly muddy deck betray
my beautiful flagstone right now. The stone-guys ("Rocky" & Son) were master craftwmen & worked in the rain and
did a beautiful job and it's great when I walk out there and step off the deck and don't land on soggy grass and mud.



This is now the view from our living room window out towards our entry way and front deck



Curving around toward our side-yard gate . . . .



Here is Paco, surveying his domain through the sideyard gate . . . . I love the way they
extended the stone, kind of flaring it out around the gate like that and curving
around the deck as it moves into the yard further on. They made it very organic.

Then, they wrapped the stone right up around the back deck and up to our cherry tree,
covering a multude of sins, where we had demolished the former deck and left a big
scar in the ground (see the original deck destruction here to get an idea of just how far
we've come and how much we we and our various hired slaves have come with this formerly
derelict house). I'm really excited about the coming spring for my little "fairy garden". Some big
pots for container gardening? Strawberry pots? My roses? All my Calla Lilies? All my mature ivy?
All those hanging baskets. The Cherry tree which is going to bloom? The tons of bulbs I've planted?
Robert's green green green grass? Doggies with little wings, frolicking amongs the flowering plants?
Lush walls of Morning Glories climbing the walls? Mummy reading weighty tomes of History in her chaise
longue? Oh wait . . .I just remembered . . .Mummy on her hands and knees stroking on endless
coats of deck gloss and mulching until her back is killing her . . . while tiny dogs kick dirt in her face.