Roman, the Greatest Dog That Ever Lived, R.I.P
A Shepherd/Huskie/Grey Wolf mix, We rescued him a 3 /12 weeks from a starving litter of 10
abandoned pup and chewed up the food and fed him out of our own mouths for the first week.
He was perfect from Day One, of surreal intelligence and loyalty, and affection, he helped to
heal me from insanity during several years of suicidal depression. He was by my side 24 hours a day
for 12 years. We held him in our arms when he was euthanized at 12 after bone
cancer had turned him into nothing but a bag of bones and fur . . .but his entire personality was still right there.


Jolie, Dog From Another Galaxy.
She's just the BEST.

Jolie again. She is everywhere.


Xena, Warrior Princess, My Shepweiler who we found living with her littermates under an old trailer out in the country


Charlie, the Piranha Chihuahua, my latest rescue. His Rescue Foster Mom did a great job with him,
but when he was originally rescued, his teeth were very bad. When he came to me, he was
not well socialized to other dogs, not very well housebroken, and his teeth were still in pretty bad shape even
though Chihuahua Rescue had done a great job of getting them fixed up. He was kind of a mess
I describe him as having Doggie PTSD. And he
has a heart murmur. Gosh, he bit me in face everytime I
got close to him, but he was constantly kind of appealing pathetically for love and then snarling as though he were being
threatened. Exactly like PTSD.
. Now he is stuck to me like glue and sleeps like a baby in my arms and actually rolls around
in the grass and is able to chew on chewy toys like all the other dogs. He's lost so many teeth he kinda gums things, actually.
He still has no play instinct but he tries sort of pathetically to do play postures whenever I'm
sitting on the floor. He WANTS to be like the other dogs, he just never learned how to play. He was completely unsocialized to other
dogs and now he has Jolie for a best friend and Xena is so nice to him, even though he launches attacks
at her several times a day, for no reason whatsoever. They are adorable together, since they are
kind of like therapy dogs to him. They are just so patient wiht him. Yeah, my big Xena and my little Jolie are his therapists.