Dana & Robert Spare Themselves a Hernia & Gain a Landscaped Backyard Garden

Here are the guys from the Li Pham Landscaping company who did a fabulous job in a single day of
clearing out the rock-hard ground that hadn't been touched since the house was originally built in the 70's (I'm sure).

Their job was to till the ground and and lay out the garden beds so that Robert and I
could lay in the brick edging and being to plant the veggies and flowers.
This shot shows the rough layout with our fenced of vegetable garden which
separates the grass area from the veggie area (there's our composter in the back)

Fortunately, these guys had a much bigger tilling machine than we did and doing this job would have sent us to
the chiropractor for weeks. Please do not pay attention to our fence which still has to be painted green this year.

This is how the beds and garden looked after they finished mulching and adding the compost and everything.


This is the view on the side yard, showing how it now ties into the landscaping in the front yard.

On Memorial Day Weekend, we will be spraypainting the rest of the fence this green color (whew! a big job) and that will
tie it all together, because it is actually quite a large yard . . .now with the deck in the front and the deck in the back.
Did I mention that Robert (and all the doggies) LOVELOVELOVE their lawn? Oh yes, they LOVE their lawn.
It's all like a little faerie farden to them, we should put little faerie wings on them. And now I can start building
up the shrubs and adding the bulbs and wildflowers and all that stuff for the back yard.