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30% Off Selected Products

Blush of Iris
30% Off "Blush of Iris"
30% Off "Breath of Summer"
30% Off "Downton Lilies"
30% Off "Downton Rose"
30% off "Mama's Bouquet"
30% Off "More Summer Blooms"
30% Off "Pansy Riot"
30% Off "Summer Blooms"
30% Off "Vibrance"
30% Off "Wedding Blush"

Valid Through 5-30-2017

40% Off Selected Products

Bird of Paradise

40% Off "Bird of Paradise"
40% Off "Dahlia Nouveau"
40% Off "Red Summer Lilies"
40% Off "Hot Callas"
40% Off "Belle Epoque Roses"
40% Off "Magic Garden"
40% Off "Pure Callas"
40% Off "RoseyPosey"
40% Off "Dutch Irises"
40% Off "Fruitful"

Valid Through 5-30-2017

50-70% Off Selected Products

Bearded Iris
50% Off "Bearded Iris"
50% Off "Dahlia Mania"
60% Off "Dahlia Bling"
50% Off "Rusty Callas"
50% Off "Fairytale Coneflowers"
50% Off "Edwardian Rose"
60% Off "Pansy Time"
70% Off "Roseberry"
60% Off "Fairytale Anemones"
50% Off "Sugarbaby Roses"

Valid Through 5-30-2017


Midnight Garden Digitally Painted Roses
Jaguarwoman's "Midnight Garden"
Beaded earrings
Jaguarwoman's "Sage Bohemia"
(This is a physical product)

Aloha Orchids
Jaguarwoman's "Aloha Orchids"

Beaded Cuff jewelry
Jaguarwoman's "Sage Meander"
A Free-Form Beaded Cuff

(This is a physical product)

Versailles Monogram
"Versailles Monogram"

Jaguarwoman's "Marie Antoinette"

Easter Garden graphics kit
Jaguarwoman's "Easter Garden"

"Easter Garden Monogram"

Versailles Monogram
Custom Digital Monogram Service
New Service!

Passionara Red Roses
Jaguarwoman's "Passionara"

"Downton Lilies Collection"

Jaguarwoman's "Claire's Roses"

Jaguarwoman's "Pansy Riot"

Jaguarwoman's "A War Of
Roses Collection"
jewelry peyote cuff bracelet green swarovski
Jaguarwoman's "Freshets of Spring


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40% Volume Discount on
Jaguarwoman Products
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products in a single order,
for a total minimum of $40.
"Background Singles" and
"Vignettes Only" Categories
are excluded from this offer

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Jaguarwoman's Images Are Protected By Digimarc
Jaguarwoman's digitally painted
images have a digital watermark
that is naked to the eye but
registers the copyright of the
author. Digimarc has developed technology to scan the Internet and track the image usage. That is a
big advancement in digital watermarking, eh? I had used
Digimarc in the past, but in future
all digitally painted images in
each product will be Digimarc'd. You
can read about this technology

Jaguarwoman Designs

Digitally Painted Floral & Animal Art, Abstract Backgrounds & Landscapes, Ornamental Alphabets, Decorative Borders & Ornaments, 3d Fantasy Characters, Digital Scrapbooking Kits & Design Resources For Personal & Commercial Use,
3d Texture Resources, Printables, Photoshop Styles & Brushes, Home Decor, Invitations, Greeting Cards, Custom
Design & llustration, Webdesign & Maintenance, Computer System Design & Upgrades . . . & much much more.

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